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the day before my sixth birthday

12th June, 2009. 12:45 pm.

yes...i am back...no...i don't know why

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8th May, 2009. 4:31 pm.

this is the worst thing that could have happened.........until something worse happens

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4th April, 2009. 2:33 pm.

is it wrong to expect the third world to be poorer

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2nd April, 2009. 8:33 pm.


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1st March, 2009. 8:18 pm.

i can´t really trust people here,,,but it least i an used to betrayal.....

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18th February, 2009. 4:03 pm.

looking ten times more put together then i did on friday....i just got blown off by the young gentleman I spent time with on friday....I have to get out of this town soon

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14th February, 2009. 7:56 pm.

town just go hella small

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10th February, 2009. 5:02 pm.

is it wrong to miss my stuff

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4th February, 2009. 5:22 pm.

new apt and romantic intrigue

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23rd January, 2009. 9:29 am.

i have moved all the way to central america....found two jobs in under a week....and still have no place to live

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